My G In My Side (ft. DUT2)

The Quiett



do my dance

가사 -lyrics- @bakito0919 I was tryna make some fuckin\\' shit last night It turns out seriously wasting my time Bitches got me set to high Rollin\\' swishers every flossin\\' down Yeah I got bust it down Yeah I got bust it down Pull up Same way today sippin\\' hennesy Off the lotta fuckin\\' promethazine I always disappear memory Bitch gon when I pop me a set You know dat I can make fuckin\\' racks I seen before whole lotta check I said never broke again, don’t get the tax, My G in my side Have to do i like, AK Keep in cross my arms All AP on your thot It is not fuckin’ chop But i cannot change my life So keep it lokey wide Don\\'t give a fuck about u but tryna hate me, Why? I\\'m on tourin\\' bitches wanna fuckin\\' touch me But I cannot cuz I do on stories Might gonna drive on mcdonalds to rari Finally lotta girl stay on my side of murcie\\' and too mase can ride on widin\\' take a drive like shit 24 hours in my dream yeah You rappin\\' about like fuckin\\' cringe yeah Loaded extendo like drip yeah Drive slingshot bitches common skills yeah It\\'s a fuckin\\' green Whole lotta fuckin\\' free I got ya don\\'t need miss me Do dat shit for my G @dut2 I\\'m the one who really came up from the bottom Tory lanez or jacquees is my role model I\\'m gonna be a superstar I want you babe, by my side 네곁에서만 with no lie woo baby TII and me we from the dubble J 우린 broke boys 때부터 keep movin\\' 여전히 A lot of people helping me, i\\'m appreciate that me and my homies, big ice we gon\\' get it Prod. Timeline
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do my dance